Venessa Lagrand

True Reflection (2019) Acrylic on paper A3


My preferred medium has always been Pencil drawing on paper in a traditional
draughtsmanship style, capturing fine detail with a variety of subjects, but leaning
towards landscapes, boats in harbours, inspired by Cornwall where I live.
However, I produce artwork using different materials & methods including lino
carving, drypoint for printed work and man-made clay for a 3-dimensional sculpture
Painting on ceramic tiles creating wall panels I produce in my father ́s studio in the
Algarve, as this studio has kilns to fire tiles and large drawing boards.
True Reflection is a surreal style painting, first one of 4 ideas I have under
consideration and is very different from my other work.
I find producing surreal work quite a challenge.
The surreal aspect I find difficult to execute since most of my work has been created
as close as possible to reality, based on my observation and my interpretation of the
Surrealism to me is like entering in another world with images others can not see
until recorded and even then some viewers are left wondering or perplexed.
But therein I see the challenge and I will motivate myself to visualise and paint the
other subjects when I feel ready to do so.
There must be someone who appreciates a painting like the True Reflection image
and will wish to acquire the painting.

The Artist