Welcome to Aire Place Studios


Aire Place Studios is led by a board of directors who have first hand experience with mental health, chronic illness and learning difficulties. We are predominantly LGBTQIA+ and have strong representation from non-academic creatives, single parents, and those from working class backgrounds. We’ve come together to champion each other and those with similar experiences.

Aire Place Studios was founded in January 2015 with the aim of making an environment to allow creative people access to a community, and allow freelancers to thrive in an affordable, accessible work space. The studio was created with no funding, and raised the money for the first building deposit by selling upcycled furniture, scrap metal and surplus pallets, continuing to self fund into what is now a sustainable business model. The building started off as an empty industrial unit and with a team of volunteers was built using recycled materials. In January 2016, we planned to launch a new exhibition programme but unfortunately due to the river Aire bursting its banks on Boxing day 2015 the building was flooded causing thousands of pounds of damage. With community help, we managed to fix the damage and be back on track within six months.

Now in 2019 we have two buildings, 35 studio members and a programme of exhibitions and events.. So come down, follow and share and help turn Aire Place Studios from a hidden gem and into the inclusive and accessible creative hub which our community has always dreamed it could be.


Aire Place Studios is supported by funding from