Beth Newton

Transference and Protection Drawing inks then printed onto an acrylic block,W15cm H10cm D2cm


This piece visuals and represents the positive and negative energy that is given off by ourselves and those around us. The need to have a barrier (the pink fluffy cloud) to protect ourselves from the transference of the negative energy of others. I first became aware of this concept whilst recovering from a brain injury as part of neuro-rehabilitation with an occupational therapist for the management of chronic fatigue I suffered with. It has stayed with me since this time and been fundamental to my outlook on life and how I have managed to fully recover and overcome cognitive impairments that once impacted my daily life significantly. I reconnected with art after many years away from it. Art in itself, has been a healing tool and process for me that has led me in a new direction in life. I use various media in my work such as drawing inks, spray inks, acrylic inks, acrylic paints, posca pens and permanent markers to create my art work.