Pamela Crowe

Auto door, Digital Photography (2020)

Pamela Crowe is an artist and writer based in Leeds. She works conceptually and with text, image, audio and video making work about voice and proximity. Her practice explores how we form in response to others, as a work of relief perhaps, according to the spaces and gaps that another’s physical and psychic form allow. So power eventually, she looks at power. She was shortlisted for the 2019 Bridport Poetry Prize, National Poetry Competition 2020 and regularly performs live and online. Her first collection of poems will be published by The Emma Press in 2022.

Auto door is a work in three parts, a text, a video and a photograph. It’s a work about inexplicable acts of violence. This is the photograph. It’s a black and white digital image of the artist reflected in an automatic door. A smaller image of herself is held within the first. It’s also a work about love.

The Artist

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