Clare Carter

Mirror Cage (Costa Teguise) (2020) Linocut on cotton paper, 300 x 200mm

I’m an artist and full time mother of 2 young children, currently living in a tiny village in West Yorkshire. I’ve lived and worked in different countries since I was 19, completing artist residencies in remote places like Greenland, and due to these experiences I consider myself an outsider of many sorts. I work mainly in print and painting, but have also written, recorded and performed my own music around Europe. I like to make images about people and places and play around with the inner/outer spaces of things. My main desire is to interpret and communicate the sensuality of looking and experiencing our surroundings. I was a resident of Lanzarote a few years ago but had to leave due to big life events. It’s my dream to eventually move back and run my own residential arts and music space on the island.

The Artist

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