Lori Fitzgerald

Lori Winks (2020) Hand drawn with procreate render, 200x200mm NFS

Although I’m not a formally trained artist I used to be an abstract artist selling paintings off the back of my bike in London to finance my (then) drug and painting habit. After squatting in a Greenwich studio for years and really messing up life I gave up everything and moved up North to start again in 2000. Since 2003 I’ve worked as a psychotherapist and art therapist but only started creating work again for myself in the last 5 years. I recently completed the ‘Brilliant Women’ residency which was a project to interview and illustrate 75 women within a year. Lori Winks (2020) was my self-portrait in the project. I’m now working on the Dreamscape Botanicals project in Leeds, taking illustration portrait commissions and getting ready to open my print and clothing shop.

The Artist

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