Emily Morgan

Paper Faces on Parade (2019) Originally 8.5x10.8cm Polaroid photo printed to A4


My experience and background started when I graduated from University in 2018. I have been working towards my aspirations in becoming a fashion photographer by building up a portfolio and networking with magazines and designers. With this network, I have been able to create editorials for magazines such as Flanelle Magazine, Dreamingless Magazine, The Unedit Magazine, French Fries Magazine, Pap-Magazine and Vogue Italia, along with working as a freelance photographer during London Fashion Week with Noctis Magazine, Hunger Magazine and OneG Magazine. Other polaroid projects includes: Coverless Collective’s limited edition zine ‘Last Call: A Weekend to Forget’ and WRPD Magazine’s ‘The Unlockdown’ series called ‘I Think I Will Stand In.’ I am passionate about working with my Land Camera 330 to create polaroid’s that evoke emotions and engage with audiences.

The Artist

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