Amy McGurk

Meanwood Park (2021) Watercolour Painting

Born in Glasgow in 1994, Leeds based travel illustrator Amy McGurk documents her travels throughout her detailed and colourful sketchbooks. Using watercolour and ink, she creates lasting impressions of the places she has visited. With a particular focus on the nuances of local wildlife and nature, Amy uses reference photographs from her hikes through unfamiliar landscapes. As well as being inspired by nature, she also aims to capture and illustrate an array of cultural experiences and landscapes experienced on her travels. Her watercolour and ink paintings are self-taught through experimentation and observational techniques.

“A watercolour and ink painting of a bridge in Meanwood Park, Leeds. The title and signature is at the bottom of the painting. The writing on the back discusses why I chose this piece rather than my usual style of travel paintings as it is a more accurate representation of 2020. “

The Artist


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