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Print it! Around the world in 2023!

As our Print It! exhibition book continues to thrive, we have showcased artists from London to Zimbabwe, Tokyo to the USA. Our exhibition book brings the show directly to you and now we are journeying beyond the realm of the physical exhibition space and into the virtual!

Exhibiting is not always accessible to everyone. From printing costs, framing, transport, and room hire, it all adds up. Designed to be a show beyond the constraints, Print It! features examples of fine art, photography, design, sculpture and more.

This inclusive show looks to reflect the creativity and diversity out there and with an astounding level of submissions received, we are featuring over 20 artists, displayed for four weeks in our brand-new APS virtual gallery.

‘APS Virtual Gallery has the same concept as our gallery but can go beyond a physical space. Artists, with our support, can reach global audiences, increase attendance, and exposure – and most importantly more people taking part!  APS can overcome the capacity limit problem of physical exhibitions making sure we can allow greater access and entry to more creatives that would like their artwork reaching audiences worldwide. We want to make sure artists have a space to champion their art and reach an audience on the other side of the world only by internet connection on the web and mobile – transporting exhibitions to living rooms, community spaces and offering an access space for all.’ Sarah Francis, Creative Director at APS.

Alongside the exhibition each artist will receive a book which includes all the artworks in the exhibition bringing the exhibition directly to the artists. Copies of the Print It! book will be available from the APS Shop from £10.

The virtual gallery launches on Friday 17th February at 5pm.

Exhibiting Artists: Imogen Marsteller, Ursula Wildt, kamila, Paola Bencomo, Nigel Peters, GREG LIN JIAJIE, Martin Rach, Lisa McCleary, Giorgia Boller, Ebony Carter, Jean-Marie Guyaux, Sarah Francis, Clem Archibald, Lucy Morrison, Molly Pukes, Andy Cahill, Jackie Waring, John Gamble, Roy Best, Mark Purves