The Other Studios

We Rent Space

Inspiring spaces for creative people

About Us

The Other Studios is a workspace led by artists that hold spaces of equality and solidarity. We offer cosy studio spaces, provide safe settings for workshops, and house The Mill Gallery managed by Aire Place Studios, focusing on innovation and inclusivity.

Our Spaces

Choose the space that fits your needs.

Private Lockable Studios

Ranging from 70 sq ft to 140 sq ft (approximately 3m by 4m to 4m by 5m)

Lockable Shared Spaces

With individual walls but open fronts, shared with 2 or 3 others ranging from 45 sq ft to 80 sq ft (approximately 2m by 2m to 3m by 2m)

Why Choose Us

24/7 access

Heating/AC & Hot Water

Double Glazed Windows

Access to toilets and a communal kitchen

2 x Open Studio Events every year

FREE Parking / Close to public transport links

Come and Join Us

We are an artist led organisation so we try to keep prices to the low. We just rent space.  Our property will be managed by Aire Place Studios who have the experience running creative space.  All viewing, inquiries, and contacts will be sorted by the APS team at