Family Friendly Exhibition Launch – Alisia Casper – INVISIBALLS

Saturday, 24 August 2019 from 13:00-16:00

Family Friendly Opening Do- come along and see the art!- ooh, and maybe make some too!

Everyone’s welcome, including your dog!

INVISIBALLS – is an exhibition and series of events aiming to make the invisible visible. My strongest connection to the condition of invisibility is personal & physical, and comes from my experience of living with Chronic Illness. There are many fine threads that wrap & wind & pull me into invisibility- and they wrap and wind & pull at you too… within the body and without the body, all around us constantly the machinations of society & its politics embrace, tangle and thrive in the rich matter of Denial- humankind’s most daily & brutal way to vanishment. The refusal to see, to listen, to accept. It is a devastating tool of destruction. Denial; large & small; individual & all; the entirety of life on earth is moved, emptied, and forever hit by it.

THE ARTIST I am Alisia Casper & I make art and music and video, and I write words; poems perhaps. I illustrate intuitively by many means the inarticulate mess of my mind. I also make a zine called ‘Chroniczine’ that acts as therapy for me and as a bridge from the invisible to the visible. I want to make the unaware aware, and to allow those who feel alone with their pain a new connection, a togetherness, & the brightening possibility of change. I live with fibromyalgia, endometriosis, anxiety and chronic migraine- and my beautiful little family. My main interests are; making & finding interest- and feeling & finding hope, love, and kindness.

Exhibition runs from 23rd August – 13th September 2019


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