Open Call

Closing date: 06/10/2023

Deadline for this Open Call is 11:59pm BST on October 6th, 2023.


Aire Place Studios presents BINGO. This exhibition has no theme – just pot luck!

It’s hard work applying for shows. You never really know what the selection panel are looking for or who you are up against. So, let’s keep it simple. Everything has been striped away in this show to be as fair as possible. Each artwork will be chosen completely at random. There is no selection panel, just submit as many artworks as you would like, sit back and let lady luck do the rest!

Here’s how it will work:

We charge a fee of £5 per entry, unlimited entries. Each artwork will be assigned a number up to 90. You will receive your number(s) via email. Numbers will then be revealed on Instagram LIVE with a bingo wheel (Friday 13th October). Artworks will be chosen completely at random until the house is full and the winners will receive an email to confirm their place in the exhibition.

We are looking for artists and creatives working with any medium but not limited to (painting, sculpture, photography, performance, video art, animation, film, documentaries, poetry, writing).

The exhibition will be open to the public for 3 weeks starting the 3rd November 2023 – 24th November and includes a public opening event on Friday 3rd November (1pm – 5pm).

Works must be delivered / shipped to the gallery by Wednesday 1st November (all shipped work MUST include a prepaid return postage).

We are trying to remove as many barriers to showing work in a physical gallery space as possible, therefore we have a limited number of frames, projectors, and a TV that creatives can borrow to allow them to exhibit in our space – These are limited and will only be appropriate for A4 & A3 sized 2D work. Please email us if this is a requirement at:

To Apply:

Please complete this Application Form and fill in our Equal opportunities form.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Works must be delivered to the gallery by Wednesday 1st November

2. All work must be original artwork, or limited edition prints to be part of the exhibition.

3. We charge a non-refundable fee of £5 per artwork, unlimited entries.

4. We encourage exhibition artwork to be for sale. We charge 25% commission from any sales made during the exhibition. All proceeds from the BINGO are used for the promotion and exhibition. Any additional funds are donated to APS Gallery for the continuation of the programme of exhibitions. If you would prefer not to sell your artwork, please mark it as NFS on the application.

5. If your artwork sells during the exhibition the artist will be notified and paid at the end of the exhibition. The artwork will be available to collect by the customer at the end of the exhibition.

6. Works must be delivered / shipped to the gallery by Wednesday 1st November (all shipped work MUST include a prepaid return postage)

7. All unsold work must be collected by Wednesday 1st November. Please note we have limited storage space so if work is not collected within agreed time frames there will be a storage cost of £2.50 per day.
Participants agree that any works left at Aire Place Studios after 30 days will be deemed unwanted and therefore be added to the charity auction lot list or disposed of.

8. APS Gallery are not liable for any loss or damage incurred to the artwork when exhibited or in storage and advises all artists to seek their own insurance.

9. All artworks must be hangable with our hanging system. You can find more information about our gallery here:

10. Artists are invited to submit artworks which are not bigger than 100cm x 100cm.

Key Dates:
Applications Deadline – Friday 6th October
Successful Artists Announced – Friday 13th October
Artwork Delivery Days – Wednesday 1st November (11am – 5pm)
Opening Event – Friday 3rd November (1pm – 5pm)
Open to the public – Fridays (11am – 5pm)
Collection of any unsold artworks – Wednesday 29th November

If you have any questions, please email: