Open Exhibition 2020

Aire Place Studios presents The Open Exhibitions 2020. This is an open call to artists and creatives to submit work to us and be part of one of group shows that will be taking place during 2020. This is not your usual ‘Art’ exhibition but a celebration of all creativity!

This is an opportunity to get your work showcased in a safe and friendly space. At APS, we aim to accommodate as many varied artists as possible and keen to celebrate those from minority groups who may have struggled to find representation in the past. There will be no judging panel, but work will be selected by the community and curated to showcase the best of diversity! By doing so, this gives every creative equal opportunity to have their works selected for the show – regardless of background, education, status or connections. This programme will be extended by popular demand.

Creatives are invited to submit work on any theme they wish. However, we believe the power in stories and would love to know a bit about the work and what the inspiration was.

The open call is free to enter, and creatives are invited to submit one – three pieces of work for consideration. All work must not be collectively larger than 100cm across. Work may be hung in a straight line or staggered. We do accept 3D, sculptural, video, and audio work but please be aware we have limited spaces for these mediums.

The open call is free to enter although if successful, your work will be subject to a £20 admin charge*, which will apply only if your work is selected. The £20 fee is to help keep our exhibition spaces stay sustainable. As we are an unfunded community interest, the fee will go towards – cost of hire for space, admin time, curation/ hanging time, public liability, staffing/licensing for public viewing, and marketing and promotional costs. The exhibiting costs will also go towards free entry spots which help provide spaces for low income creatives who do not normally get the space to exhibit their work. On Average an exhibition over two exhibition spaces with 25-30 creatives cost £700-£80 so we have priced it as affordably as possible to cover our costs through £20 admin fee and bar sale on the public viewing. If you are applying to do a group show/solo show the cost will be £100- 300 per gallery spaces but please get in touch!

During the opening night, we will be offering performers of every kind the opportunity to take over our yard to accommodate all creative forms and showcase a large creative happening! Please enquire for more details.

The exhibition will be approx 2.5 weeks long, include a public opening event and will be held on the following date:

1 – 17th April – 6th May 2020

The deadline for submissions for the Exhibition is 1st of March 2020 and successful creatives will be notified by email by 15 of March. This programme will be extended by popular demand so more dates could be announced.

There are options to hire frames for free if this is a barrier although we have limited frames available**

Further Information

If successful, you will be invited to send or deliver your work to Aire Place Studios, Leeds, UK. The £20 can be paid via bank transfer.

How to Submit

Artists are invited to submit ONE – THREE pieces of work.

To submit, please email no more than ONE-THREE images of your work to with the subject Exhibition/Name along with the following:

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Title of the pieces
  • Mediums
  • Dimensions of the piece (remember; the pieces can be no bigger than 100cm across any one side, inclusive of frames and mounts.)
  • If your work will be offered for sale, and if so, what price.
  • Any key information about your submits and yourself.

Thank you and good luck!

* if cost is a barrier please get in contact, we will try and provide subsidised and free spaces for creatives on low income.

** We have limited frames which can be borrowed, if the cost of framing your work is a barrier please be in contact.