Exhibition Hire

Aire Place Studios is a growing creative community and a place for people to work, learn and meet informally. We display works from a varied range of people from classically trained artists to amateur photographers.

We operate under a safe space policy and use “content warnings” where applicable.

We have two exhibition spaces: the Main Space and the Weigh Bridge. Both are free to use for exhibitions, however we do ask if you make money from your exhibition that you offer a donation towards the space.

The Main Space is suitable for big works whereas the Weigh Bridge is a more intimate space, suitable for smaller pieces.

Both spaces have a set up for food and drinks, this is how we make our costs back. We are not a Bring Your Own venue.

As a voluntary organisation, we’re not open to the public every day, it is advised that where possible, you come to the space to open up and invigilate your work. This has proved very successful for artists in the past.

Exhibitions run for three weeks starting with a public view.

Please send us examples of your work, links to social media and a short artist bio. We also ask that you tell us what medium your work is, ie: photography/sculpture/performance.

If you have anymore questions, please get in touch.

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