Timbuktu on the Tyne (2020) Digital Art. Printed to A4

I am a self-taught musician/artist based in the North East of England. Although primarily known for my audio art, there has always been a strong connection between sound and image in my work, where often many of the pieces I create are based on images and things I see, which then act as a type of graphic score and/or artwork.
Within my sound works, I use a range of field recordings, found sounds and hardware with minimal processing, as I’ve always been interested in how sound can morph into beautiful complex patterns with the limited use of tech and processing. It’s the ‘small sounds’, anomalies, mistakes, chance accidents and the sounds ‘between’ that catch my ear. These interests and methods that I have developed with sound, I also apply to my watercolours and digital art, where I am interested in microworlds, textures, abstracts and how the outcomes / final pieces are influenced by chance in media combination or as responses to music.
Both my sound and art is influenced by my surroundings such as the North Sea Coast but also I use photographs and objects as graphic scores and inspirations for my art, such as glass, rust, rock pools, rivers and rock formations.
I have been creating digital art for many years and it is very wide-ranging. From cd covers and track art to several series of pictures that I create, based on one subject matter. Many are created based on my own photographs, such as tropical fish, or scenes from the Tyne, where I am especially interested in superstructures and industrial buildings, which I like to reimagine.
I also create digital and physical art in response to music and many of these you can see on my Instagram.