Eva Marschan-Hayes

Animal Illusion How many animals you can spot? (ND) Digital Illustration, prinnted to A4


I am a multidisciplinary photo artist who enjoys experimenting with a variety of processes and materials to create digital images. My artistic work is driven by a strong connection with nature and an urge to explore the world I live in. I am lucky to live in rural and coastal surroundings which offer daily inspiration and a wealth of material to work with. I create images of landscapes and things that appear in the right light and which catch my eye, and assemblages I create from natural materials, paints and drawings. I feel especially fascinated by colours and light which I experiment within all aspects of my practice. I deliberately construct images to inspire imaginations. My pictures are often referred to as dream-like, other-worldly, surreal and poetic and some creatives have used them for their own work including writing and painting.