Would you like some Meat with That?

5th October 2022

Would you like some meat with that? is the third collaborative exhibition by artists Daisy Baker and Sasha Napoli. Bringing together their bold, lively paintings which explore figurative and abstract interpretations of the human form with a priority on spatiality, the boundaries of painting are questioned. Both artists root their work in the history of art; Baker draws on the canonical Western depictions of the female body whilst Napoli consistently refers to Renaissance and Baroque paintings for inspiration, being evermore drawn to the religious. 

Fusing this historical basis with the contemporary, Baker utilises objects, such as frames, to paint on whilst Napoli extends motifs of her paintings into the exhibition space through materials such as loose canvas and fabric. 

The notion of painting being purely two-dimensional is playfully manipulated to explore themes of voyeurism, the gaze and colour through mark-making. Immerse yourself in a vibrant investigation of the human body and materiality.

Aire Place Studios is delighted to present Work on Walls Student Edition 2022. This project is designed to help those who missed out on physical exhibitions within the last few years due to Covid-19 – giving students, artists and curators the opportunity to show work in a physical gallery space for free! Supporting our fellow creatives, lifting spirits and celebrating the talents Leeds has to offer.


Sasha Napoli

Sasha Napoli is a painter currently based in Leeds. Napoli’s current body of work abstracts the human form through painting, framing it with simplified architectural features. By manipulating the viscosity and transparency of paint, mark-making, materiality and complementary colours become the basis of her paintings. Thick coats of paint conceal, while light glazes and scratching reveal what is underneath. Her concern with the painterly mark and interior space is interlaced with an affinity for Renaissance and Baroque imagery; she is especially intrigued by the use of sculpture in Baroque ceiling frescoes which was utilised to emphasise the illusory nature of painting and extend it beyond a single surface.

After graduating, Napoli was selected for the FUAM Graduate Art Prize 2020 and exhibited in Ones To Watch, 2021, at Sunny Bank Mills. She continues to exhibit in shows across London and Leeds whilst pursuing her own curatorial practice.  


Daisy Baker

Daisy Baker’s intimate paintings take on the indisputable imbalance of voyeurism, the male gaze, and canonical representations of the female body. As a female painter, Daisy is fascinated in unpicking the timeless and unnaturally controlled tension between the patriarchy and the female muse. Her paintings interrogate and challenge these narratives, using self-portraiture to reimagine and reclaim the perspective of the female muse. 

Daisy’s paintings acknowledge the viewer’s stare to re-appropriate the powerful act of looking at art, back to the object of the painting: herself. Extending the painting beyond the frame itself, also becomes a method of breaking the gaze and ultimately taking up space.

Daisy is currently represented by New Blood Art and has exhibited alongside Sasha in The Peep Show and Clandestine Clementine. She is currently a Year 4 Primary School Teacher and works collaboratively with Leeds City Gallery.


Wednesday 5th October to Thursday 13th October.

Gallery is open Wednesday – Friday (11am – 3pm)