Print It! 2023

3rd February 2023

The Show without boundaries!

Aire Place Studios presents Print It! 2023.

Now in its third edition, Print It! 2023 has showcased artists from London to Zimbabwe, Tokyo to the USA!

Exhibiting is not always accessible to everyone. From printing costs, framing, transport, and room hire, it all adds up. Designed to be a show beyond the constraints, Print It! features examples of fine art, photography, design, sculpture and more.

This inclusive show looks to reflect the creativity and diversity out there and with an astounding level of submissions received, we are featuring over 70 artists, displayed for four weeks in the APS Gallery.

All works have been submitted in digital form, printed and displayed in our gallery; removing boundaries and bringing together fantastic works from regional, national and international artists. Alongside the exhibition each artist will receive a book which includes all of the artworks in the exhibition bringing the exhibition directly to the artists.

It is every artist’s dream to have their work displayed outside of their hometown or country, that moment when it feels like the work they’ve invested in their practice has come to fruition. APS’ “Print It!” Has helped manifest that feeling for several artists; eliminating the logistical headache of wondering if their art arrived on time and in one piece. It’s my pleasure to share this unique space with fellow artists and kudos to APS for their forward thinking!  HezronH Print It! artist.

Prints on display in the APS Gallery will be available to purchase from £25 and copies of the Print It! book will be available from the APS Shop from £10.

Visiting times are Fridays 11am – 5pm

Exhibiting Artists:

Leanne McWilliams , Basia Asztabska, Edith Young, HezronH, Jingkun Qi, Joe Fenna, Celeste Drouin-Davis, Ping L, Philip Westcott, Janet Stafford, Lita Doolan, Louise Wiseman, Mato Enki, Kayleigh Whelan, Helene Fiegl, Anderson James Hargreaves, Kate Marsden, Ben Sheppee, Ayan Aziz Mammadova, Cesar Mammadov, Beth Hinde, Kay Nyx, Keremy Aldis, Catherine Hill, John Walmsley, Teresa Schippel Hales, Marlene Jorge, Deirdre Kashdan, Sukhmani Kaur, Caleb Hernandez, Sharon Platt, Lois Palframan, Jude Lin, Jane Walker, Alison Dollery, James Mellor, HS.FataMorgana, Dolores Ros, Vicente Fos, Gerrit Hodemacher, Tallulah de Castro-Gray, Andi Balogh, Bahar Acharjya, Nicola Garvey, Frankie Bones, Chloe Henderson, Sophia Lindstrom, Mariia Tokar, Galen Chen, Evan Larson-Voltz, Kuan-Hsuan Lu, Beatrice Dina, Michael Trozzolo, Caitlin Morris, Dasha Shipukhina, Veronika Krämer, Jena Jerms, Valeria Roglinova, Rose Reuben, KruMaM, Alison Herbert, Lucien Torlot, Liliia Filina, Paul Maven