Pool of Distillation, an exhibition by Aloo & Phrixus

31st May 2019

Reset that button.

Welcome to our ocean. We invite you into an immersion of sound and movement. Here, the cool breeze from within your soul is embraced. Let’s disperse the noise and tension of the outside world and channel into a pool of ever flowing light. There is darkness here, of course. Breathe in and absorb as we attempt to befriend this temper.

On the 31st of May, Phrixus, producer, sound designer, and DJ, and Aloo, vocalist, movement artist, and performer, will be coming together to present a new combined work of sound and movement, developed over months of collaboration.

Inspired and informed by questions of the fluidity of self, the work explores the anxieties and pitfalls one encounters when in a state of constant flux, and the solace and inner strength to be found through embracing change as a vital part of the human experience.

Through Phrixus’s intricately textured ambient sound worlds and Aloo’s soaring, ethereal vocals coupled with their own reactions to the music through movement, you are invited to partake in this journey of continuous change.