Nomad Woman, an Exhibition by Lara Rose

8th May 2018

Nomad Woman (7 Pillars of Africa)an Exhibition by Lara Rose

An art installation incorporating 2d imagery, sculpture & performance. (may contain graphic images of the transatlantic slave trade) 

The mini performance will feature excerpts from the R&D process for the forthcoming Nomad Woman Cantata. 

Readings from the Nomad Woman, Book of Songs & Poetry (Book reading to be rescheduled tbc, exhibition will be as planned, thanks for your understanding

A victorious tale of survival, of conquests of mystery, of empires come and gone, of movement, of woman, of voyages, of adaptation, of trauma, of love, of identity, of displacement, of woman, her dna transcending 7 Pillars of Africa across generations.

The legacies of the African Woman. Her dna through the ages. From Hatshepsut of Egypt through to Yoruba Kingdoms, Harriet Tubman (Black Moses), the transatlantic slave trade, migrations to the Americas and Caribbean Islands come full circle to modern day British Empire both in Africa and the UK. Carnival, Geraldine Conner, the Bailey family Lagos to Leeds.