‘&’, an Exhibition by Leeds Art Students

20th May 2016

Aire Place Studios is proud to present ‘&’ an exciting new exhibition by contemporary Leeds based artists. Exploring community and dialogue ‘&’ wants to throw out the idea of the static gallery space and replace it with bean bags and music to challenge how we as an audience engage with contemporary art. Join us! Relax, drink and let the conversation between the artists, space and audiences flow.

‘&’ will feature a mixture of 2D art, interactive art and sculpture created by a collective of second year Leeds College of Art students

Gabriella Pauk

Lauren Walton

Phoebe Ridgway

Roisin O’Donnell

Rachel South

Lilly Sutton-Parsons

Bailey Li

Kingston Poplar

Connie Inglis

Ella Brame

Belinda Ayres

Sarah Rosevere

Ellie Brown

Laura Coyne

Abigail Richards

Amy Dunill

Julia Potter

Molly Gerard

Romily Alice www.rawalden.com

Charlotte Barlas