Drop in Studios & Skill Share -Fabric Upcycling / Sewing Machine

Monday 22 July – 11:00-15:00

The drop in studios is a weekly opportunity to work and create in a studio setting without needing a contract. There’ll be the chance to hire and use equipment, work on your own projects and also learn more skills via our skill sharing sessions such as lino printing, canvas stretching and more.

All abilities are welcome in our safe space. Are you looking to improve your technique or learn something new? Come have a chat with one of our experienced facilitators who will be on hand to guide you through the equipment use and talk with you about your work.

Each session is charged on a sliding scale between £3.50 and £8.50 to make this as accessible as possible, with carers/support staff able to attend for free.

What is Skill share?

Skills hare is a place to work with like minded artists/ creative enthusiasts in a skill that is either new to you or something you are currently working on. Rather than a formally run workshop with a teacher and lesson plan, these skill shares are an informal session organised by our in house artist. She will be working on her own art and craft and would love for you to join in, she is here for questions, advice, as well as demonstrations.

Materials for each skill share will be available to buy, rent or if you have them already please bring your own.

Is Skill share for me? – If you identify with any of the below then skill share is the place for you!

I am a beginner interested in the art form/ craft advertised

I am a professional artist/creative wanting to share tips and tricks, with a desire to learn new things or talk about my process

I am currently working in the art form/ craft advertised but I am struggling and I need help going forward

I am interested in exploring new creative forms/media to grow as an artist

I am an artist or maker that is looking to borrow tools or a space to work with a community of like minded individuals

I am interested in getting feedback on my creative work.

I am looking for opportunities to exhibit or showcase work.

Our Team-

Hannah Merrill is an American artist living and working from her home studio in Leeds with a Bachelors in Fine arts. Her work focuses on Watercolour painting with a minor focus on relief printmaking and oil painting. She works and teaches around North and West Yorkshire in a
plethora of mediums from Children’s arts and crafts to Adult painting, printmaking and craft Workshops. She is an avid upcycler and pinterest enthusiast, her spare time is often used to explore her flare for interior design and her love of fashion and vintage means she always has her sewing machine at the ready. Hannah hopes to foster skill share workshops with local artists, crafters, and creatives, whether it is helping working in the printmaking studio, sharing her knowledge of the industry or just preventing a Pinterest fail. She believes wholeheartedly in a shared artist community and, with her positive bubbly attitude, is excited to get stuck in. Hannah has been a lover and supporter of Aire Place Studios for many years and is thrilled to finally be a part of our team.

Sarah Francis is the founder of Aire Place Studios and is an award winning artist. As a curator, project coordinator and an artist who exhibits her own work, Sarah has a broad understanding of the creative arts scene within Leeds and the surrounding areas. Sarah has an academic art background, with a First Class BA Honours in Photography and an MFA in Fine Art (graded Distinction) from Leeds University. Working within community arts, and with a diverse understanding of creative workshops, Sarah is on hand to help with your projects! She is also available to put the kettle on and discuss running community projects, setting up your own practices and answer questions about exhibitions and curation.

At Aire Place Studios we believe in removing barriers to being creative; we will never turn anyone away from our community due to lack of funds. We are passionate about opening the exploration of creative passions and ideas to everyone, so please get in touch if your financial situation would prevent you from coming along.

As a community enterprise we do, however, need to make sure we can keep the space going, to invest in more opportunities, equipment and projects . To use the Drop-in Studio sessions the prices are as follows:

£3.50 – If you just want to drop in, use our creative library, wifi and have access to creative conversation and community.

£6.50 – For all the above plus taking advantage of our growing equipment store for your own projects, taking part in skill share sessions, and accessing help and advice.

£8:50 – For all the above plus the use of consumables like inks, paper, paint etc.

We have a small stock of creative materials you can buy, plus a PAYF recycled art and supplies store.

Please visit our webpage for more information on equipment we have on offer.


Aire Place Studios, with the support from National Lottery Awards For All funding is pleased to announce the Drop In Studios!

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