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Aire Place Studios presents Bring it!

Bring it! is an exhibition that runs in conjunction with our Print it show.  While Print it! is for artists that can’t physically make it to the space, Bring it! is for the locals who can bring it!  

We are opening this to all artists you can physically drop off and collect their artwork. You bring your art, we will do the rest!  

Bring It! is open to artists and creatives working with any medium (painting, sculpture, photography, performance, video art, animation, film, documentaries, poetry, writing).  

Just like Print it! We are trying to remove as many barriers to showing work in a physical gallery space as possible, therefore we have a limited number of frames, projectors and TV creatives can borrow to allow them to exhibit in our space. 

We charge a fee of £25 per work, limited to one artwork per artist. You are guaranteed to get in as we believe everyone has the right to show work, and there will be no gatekeeping as long as your submissions followed the guidelines, and community rules. 

The exhibition will be open to the public for 4 weeks and includes a public opening event.

Bring It! 2023 Participating Artists: Alice Victoria Whiteley, Irina Lomash, Jake ‘Fracture’ Reid, Andreea Chitan, Jessica Swift, Snooze, Anderson James Hargreaves, Emma Brackenbury, Joseph Goddard, Sestini Art and Crafts, Zan Atkinson, Elaina Florence Joy Swanson, Dea, Gemma Clarke, Madgie Hall-Dougherty and Daisy Lewis, Robin Tynan, Lucy Aprahamian, Masha Volkova, Yoichi Ishida, Joanne, Jamie H. Scrutton, Grant Clark, Oliver Webber, Viv Owen, Reuben Adams, Joe Rocky Holey, Elizabeth de Broise, Helen Field, Andy Cahill.