This information is intended for visitors to exhibitions and events hosted at APS Gallery. For information regarding accessibility of studios for rent please email

APS Gallery will always do it’s best to meet your access requirements. If you require reasonable adjustments to be made for specific events, please email to discuss these with us.

Visitors Access Notes

Due to the premises being shared with a variety of industrial units, the access path to the APS Gallery may be difficult to navigate due to potholes. Car Parking is available next to the entrance however please bear in mind that there is no dedicated disabled parking spaces.

The APS Gallery has an access ramp, images of the ramps are included below.

The entryway is manual which is suitable for wheelchair users. The doorway measures 80cm wide but can be extended to 110cm by opening the side panel. Please see below

There is a gender-neutral toilet available on the ground floor. The doorway measures 73cm wide. Please note: there is no wheelchair accessible toilet. One is available at Seagulls paints located next door to the main studio building, however this is only available between 9am & 5pm Monday-Sunday.

APS Gallery is illuminated using strip lighting.

All seating at events consists of backed chairs.

During open studio sessions the ground floor and first floor is open for viewing. The studios on the first floor are only accessible by a flight of stairs with 16 steps, each with a 20cm rise and 25cm going. These may be difficult to ascend and/or descend for visitors with mobility issues.

APS Gallery is dedicated to promoting accessible, safe, inclusive spaces. During events, volunteers will be available to anyone requiring assistance or support in any capacity. Volunteers will be wearing clearly identifiable name tags in case of any issue that needs to be addressed arises.

In the event that a person is harmed or triggered by a situation or participant, or experiencing difficulty in any capacity, it is up to their discretion to bring it to the attention of APS Gallery. We guarantee privacy and confidentiality in such an event and will do our best to honour the individual’s needs. We respect confidentiality and protect all shared personal information.

APS Gallery operates a safe space policy, which can be found at this link: