Aire Place Studios aims to challenge the idea of the ‘Exhibition Space’ by allowing artists and collectives a month long exhibition in which to experiment and allow their work to evolve, in front of an audience. A ‘somewhere’ space between the ‘finished’ and the ‘in-progress’, each show will have opening and closing events to encourage dialogue between the artists, space and audience.

Aire Place Studios is a sustainable space, we used recycled and reclaimed materials to build our space from nothing. This reflects our ethos of creating a viable place for creative works.

We also believe in working with the creative community, building a network of skills sharing and accessibility. We use the term creative rather than artist because we’re available for all creative peoples. Whether you’re the next Frida Kahlo or a napkin drawer, we aim to nurture and prosper creativity.

We work to maintain positive mental health by creating a commonality with our members. We run creative cafes, have events for parents and freelancers that work from home. With our Pay As You Feel cafe, we can provide these services at as low as cost as possible to make them accessible to many.

We have a safe space policy which we expect everyone that uses to keep to it. We don’t accept homophobia, misogyny or transphobia in any of our spaces.